Polyurethane rigid foam is used for its material strengthstiffness and thermal insulation properties.


Material densities from 100-500kg/m3


Mouldings such as incubators require a high quality of surface finish as well as insulation and stiffness properties


Reinforcement of ABS in bed ends needs structural performance of the PU




Integral skin foam is used for its cushioning performance, low weight and durability.


Moulded densities from 200 - 400 kg/m3 and hardnesses from 20 - 70 ShA


Products include seats, armrests.


Good cosmetic finish is often required and use of in mould paint is common


We can supply products colour matched to your needs

We produce a diverse range of products using all types of polyurethane materials. Individual products often have specific PU materials to give the best performance.





Elastomers and blown elastomers  give high wear performance and strength.


Moulded densities from 600-1200kg/m3 and hardnesses from 30ShA to 70 ShD


Wide range of products from playground equipment to footwear,compressor parts and spacers for redecking ships

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